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First Notes


Musical Collaborations provides a variety of private and group lessons for children and adults. No matter your age or previous musical experience Musical Collaborations has educational opportunities to further your knowledge and love of music. Faculty members are available to provide private school support for music education for your school. Our teachers have experience starting brand new programs as well as creating and implementing plans to develop and enhance existing programs. 

International Programs


The Organ Tour program was created in 2013 as an opportunity for organists, pianists, and all those interested in the pipe organ to learn about instruments, music, and history throughout the world. The program is designed to provide a unique mix of music, history, and sight-seeing. Participants play a variety of organs - both historic and modern. In addition there will be daily opportunities to perform in masterclasses, attend lectures on organs, organists, and the history of organ music. 

Jumpstart Summers


During the summer, Musical Collaobrations provides opportunities for students to explore music in interactive small group environments. Singing in the Summer is an intensive program for high school aged singers who are looking for an in-depth musical and choral experience. The Summer Music Camp is geared toward younger students to help foster a lifelong love of music. 

 Paul J. Carroll  
Founder’s Note


Collaborations are vital. Artistic expression requires it - interaction between performer and audience as well as among performers. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed making music with others. This started in elementary school as a beginning piano accompanist. Over time it has developed into a love of ensembles, chamber music, and conducting.


Musical Collaborations was founded to bring together those who share a love of music - whether it be a new child or adult music student or a professional musician seeking new in-depth experiences.


In its educational components Musical Collaborations seeks to create educational opportunities that foster a life long love of music in each student while maintaining a creativity-inspiring work environment for faculty.


The travel component - through Organ Tour and group pilgrimage opportunities - seeks to provide educational experiences and glimpses into diverse cultures throughout the world.

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