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Introduction to Listening and Playing The Well-Tempered Clavier of Johann Sebastian Bach

by Ennio Cominetti

Translated by Paul J. Carroll and Claudia Martucci

The Well-Tempered Clavier by Johann Sebastian Bach is a collection of 48 prelude and fugues written in every key – major and minor – that marks the departure from the era of musica antica to that of modern music.

With this work, the author intends to offer a tool for an analytical, formal, and syntactic approach without the desire of reaching beyond the essential. In this way, I remain within the limits of a possible and necessary objectivity, to summarize and clarify Bach’s great work to those who approach it, be it listener or a student of piano, organ, harpsichord, or composition.

Everyone, then, can start here in order to further deepen the analysis to their own liking and according to their own needs. They are free to see, on the basis of their own sensitivity and culture, all the aspects of that work that they will want.

Notes on the Organ:
Notes for understanding the complex and passionate world of the pipe organ

by Ennio Cominetti

Translated by Paul J. Carroll and Claudia Martucci

Notes on the Organ provides a comprehensive look into the history of the pipe organ in Italy. It shows the depth of Italian organ building and design as well as the potential influence of Italian composers and organists throughout the world. This English translation seeks to open the door to the complex and fascinating Italian pipe organ tradition to a worldwide audience. The simplicity with which the different topics are treated make this book a useful aid for those who are interested in the pipe organ, be they professional organists, amateurs, or avid listeners.


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