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Keyboard of harpsichord (selective focus

  40-Day Bach Challenge  

Jumpstart your Spring practice
Starting Monday, March 4
Bach monument stands since 1908 in front

The 40-Day Bach Challenge is for musicians – professionals, amateurs, and students alike – who wish to boost their musical progress with a community of like-minded learners moving toward personal goals together.

How it works

Depending on your work and activities as a musician, sometimes regular, daily practice time is often difficult to come by. When you do finally find time at your instrument, you can find yourself exhausted, distracted, and lacking motivation.


The 40-Day Bach Challenge helps you to focus your practice time on small, achievable goals in order to reach your long term goals. This way you can stay motivated.


  • Interact through a private Facebook group with support from new friends and colleagues as you share your weekly progress.

  • Visually see your daily work on the Daily Practice Log.

  • Receive short assignments along the way in order to help you master difficult and problematic musical passages.

  • Check-in via live chat or video chat to maintain momentum.

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