Organ Tour - Italia
  Ennio Cominetti 

Ennio Cominetti – organist, composer, and conductor – performs throughout the world. As a soloist and conductor he has performed over a thousand concerts in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Africa in places including St. Paul's Cathedral in London, Notre Dame of Paris, Berlin Cathedral, Cathedral of Tallinn, Warsaw Cathedral, St. Petersburg Philharmonic Theatre, New York St. Thomas Church, Cathedral of Guadalajara, Protestant Christian Church of Jerusalem, the Basilica of Notre Dame d'Afrique in Algiers.


His activities in the field of sacred music – in particular, the organ – led him to promote festivals in small towns and villages with rich historical instruments. The "International Organ circuit in Lombardy", conceived and directed by Mr. Cominetti, has featured 80 concerts each year for twenty years.

Mr. Cominetti founded and directs the Lombardy Chamber Orchestra, the Ensemble Vocal "Soli Deo Gloria" and the Academic Choir Lombardo, composed exclusively of professional musicians, as well as the Instrumental Ensemble, "La Scala," featuring repertoires ranging from opera, operetta, symphony, chamber, madrigals, motets, oratorios, and contemporary music.


Composer of organ music and winner of the International Competition for Composition for organ Magadino, Switzerland (1982), Mr. Cominetti has had several shows for RAI Radio 3 and foreign broadcasters such as The Bayerishe Rundfunk.


After being appointed Chair of Organ and Gregorian Chant at the Conservatory of Trapani, Mr. Cominetti resigned his position as head of the Department of Sacred Music at the Arts Academy in Rome, where for some years he also held the chair of the Organ Department. In addition to his work in concerts, records, publications, and educational opportunities, Mr. Cominetti is now also Artistic Director of the publishing house EurArte.